System Commands

This page describes what the different actions in the System Commands sub-menu do.


Saves the vent.cfg and the plugin_manifest.

Change vent configuration

Edit the vent.cfg in Vent. The vent.cfg file can be found in the directory listed next to User Data in the main Vent menu.

Detect GPUs

Detect GPU devices on the current machine running Vent. Currently works with NVIDIA GPUs only .

Enable Swarm Mode

To Be Implemented.

Factory reset

Remove all Vent related images and containers. Removes the User Data directory as well. Please back up any necessary information before activating this option.


Restores a backup.


To Be Implemented

Network Tap Interface

The interface in which to interact with the Network Tap core tool. Read more about network_tap. Each form will also have more information regarding the specific action.