Custom Configurations of Plugins

Say your custom plugin, called example_plugin, has a example_plugin.config file that it needs filled out before the plugin is built into an image.

example_option1 = FILL IN
example_option2 = FILL IN
example_option3 = FILL IN

Vent can now fill in those values for you. In your home directory, have a file called .plugin_config.yml.

We’ll fill in .plugin_config.yml with the necessary fields:

        example_option1 = 1
        example_option2 = 2
        example_option3 = 3

Vent will assume that, in the directory example_plugin, there exists another directory titled config that has the actual config file. The path of our example would be example_plugin/config/example_plugin.config.

Using this .plugin_config.yml, you can fill in multiple tools’ config files at the same time.

If you make a change to your config files and want to rebuild the images using these new settings, clean and then build the plugin tools in the plugins submenu. Vent will fill in the config files with the new values.