New Vent Releases

Get the latest clone of Vent from

  1. Change the version number

    • docs/source/
  2. Edit and include a list of changes that were made. Please follow previous formatting.

  3. Commit the changes, open a PR, and merge into master.

  4. Enter the dev directory and run Make. This will create an ISO of release version of Vent. Please be patient as this step will take some time.

  5. Let’s ensure the ISO is correct.

    • In the directory where the ISO is located:

      python -m SimpleHTTPServer
    • We’ll be using docker to create a VirtualBox VM for this step. This step will also take a considerable amount of time:

      docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-boot2docker-url http://localhost:8000/vent.iso vent
    • Let’s SSH into the VM created from the ISO that is running Vent

      docker-machine ssh vent

    An instance of Vent should appear with the new version number given above.

  6. Now let’s upload the release to pypi assuming there’s an account with admin access and a corresponding .pypirc:

    python sdist upload
  7. Create a new github release. Tag and release title are the version number. Since we already added changes to our, there’s no need to rewrite all that information so leave it blank. Attach the ISO and publish the release

  8. Finally, change the version number to the next version number with a dev tag. Eg: Commit the version change, make a PR, and merge to master.