Vent is a library that includes a CLI designed to serve as a general platform for analyzing network traffic. Built with some basic functionality, Vent serves as a user-friendly platform to build custom plugins on to perform user-defined processing on incoming network data. Vent supports any filetype, but only processes filetypes based on the types of plugins installed for that instance of vent.

Simply create your plugins, point Vent to them, install them, and drop a file in Vent to begin processing!


docker >= 1.13.1
make (if building from source)

Getting Set Up

There’s two ways to get Vent up and running on your machine:

  1. Pip:

    $ pip install vent
  2. Building from source (make is required):

    $ git clone --recursive https://github.com/CyberReboot/vent.git
    $ cd vent
    $ make # (sudo may be required to install the vent command in the system bin path)


If you already have docker-py installed on your machine, you may need to pip uninstall docker-py first. vent will install docker-py as part of the installation process. However, there are known incompatibilities of docker-py with older versions.

Once installed, it’s simply:

$ vent

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